Amseraphs would like to introduce

“Our ULTIMATE breed of dog”

The American Staffordshire Terrier is our passion...

Tim has been involved in pure bred dogs his entire life along with his parents, grandparents and sister. We have owned, shown and been breeding Amstaffs for almost 20years.

We pride ourselves in producing consistent quality in health, temperament, conformation, type and ability and are firm believers that breed standards were written for a reason and that was to create an ultimate specimen of each breed and should be adhered to. All our dogs are tested for Hips, Elbows, Cardiac and Ataxia and are DNA Profiled. We will not breed from any dog unless they have passed all their health testing and meet the highest of standards in temperament, type, conformation and ability.

At Amseraphs we have dedicated ourselves to an ongoing learning curve through extensive research, we are always learning more each and every day. We have made some very close friends and mentors from USA who have been in the breed since the 1960’s and 1970’s and who are amongst the most renowned and successful AST breeders across the world today.

We have selectively bred and chosen the lines, type, style, temperament and conformation that most appeals to us and as a result have been extremely successful producing top winning dogs around the world today with huge working ability. Dogs we have bred and dogs that have been sired by our males Include American Champions, European Champions, Australian Champions, Grand Champions, Royal Winning, Best In Group Winning, Best In show Winning and Best In Specialty Show Winning dogs along with producing New Zealand's top winning American Staffordshire Terrier of all time.

We have our mentors to thank for giving us the foundation to Amseraphs, and we hope that we can continue to take that and do them proud in the future....

The future is bright for Amseraphs!


Our Amstaffs have proven to display eternal devotion to us and our family, they are extremely enthusiastic, energetic, outgoing, confident, bubbly, reliable, trustworthy and athletic dogs that are ideally suited to our lifestyle and are just a part of our huge family. Our Amstaffs are a laugh a minute; always up to some silly antic, which I am sure is aimed at entertaining you…They take great pride in amusing you. Their nature to me is much like that of a cheeky child, each and every one of them has their own individual personality!!! Plus I just cannot go past their forever wagging tails and the huge amount of love they show in their eyes!!!


The future of this wonderful breed belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams, set goals, work hard to achieve them and make their dreams a reality.

Allowing nothing to stand in their way, no obstacle is too large to overcome when you are as dedicated to the betterment and preservation of the American Staffordshire Terrier as we are at Amseraphs!!!


We live in the beautiful Southern Highlands NSW where our dogs enjoy clean fresh air, plenty of room to run and play all day and then curl up inside with us by the fire of an evening. They love to swim, and go hiking and will take on any adventure you present to them. Our dogs enjoy the best life has to offer!

We run all our dogs together and pride ourselves in proper socialisation and great temperaments and also allow our puppies from each litter to have time to run and play with the adults and experience life as part of our huge family.

Although conformation showing is our main focus, we also now are home to two accredited therapy dogs who make regular visits to children's hospitals and nursing homes and now also three service dogs, we are the breeders of Australia's first Amstaff to ever achieve their Coursing Advance title. We also actively participate in obedience and agility training with our dogs and will also start competing in a number of working fields in 2018...We highly recommend that all puppy owners train their dogs in these areas to get the absolute most out of their new puppy for the the rest of his or her life.

We breed for more than just outstanding conformation we breed to maintain the Amstaffs natural intelligence, eagerness, athleticism, endurance, focus and keenness and work with lines that are renowned for excelling in all aspects of canine sports.

Our babies just LOVE going to down to the beach and romping together and going for a swim we take great care in ensuring they are kept in prime condition at all times, including our retirees.

We only have a small number of Amstaffs living at home with us at any time and several that we co-own who live with families of their own that visit and stay over regularly, as they are a breed that requires a lot of individual attention, we prefer to have our dogs living in good stable family homes with their own families getting the training and amount of attention they need and deserve.

Our Amstaffs are part of our family and I would like to give a very special thanks to my entire family and my extended family (The Amseraphs Family) for all their support and help in the past years with this wonderful breed.

Yours in Amstaffs

Tim, Kelly, Alex, Taylah

& the Amseraphs Amstaffs.