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At Amseraphs we breed when we are looking to add to our current show & working team not purely for the sale of puppies, we pride ourselves in the betterment of this wonderful breed and will only plan matings that we feel can further improve this wonderful breed.

We do not believe that the Amstaff is the right dog for everyone they are part of our family and it takes a very special person to own an Amstaff. 

"Owning an Amstaff is a privilege not a right"

We only breed for improvement, correct type, temperament, structure, movement, athleticism, intelligence, health and ability.

Our puppies are all kept until suitable and ideal homes are found for them and we reserve the right to refuse sale to those we do not think are right for our gorgeous babies. We place puppies in both pet and show homes however all our show puppies are co-owned.

All our dogs are health tested and must pass with good scores before we will consider them to be a part of our breeding program.

We strongly suggest you do your research on the breed before purchasing your first Amstaff and speak to plenty of breeders, get to know what you like the look of and get to know the people you will ultimately be dealing with for many years following your decision. An educated decision is the best one, this is a dog you will have for the next 10-15 years, you need to be happy with your decision. Please view our information page for some good reading.

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